Saturday, January 31, 2009

Making Money by Buying Photos

One of the most overlooked aspects of stock photography and it's potential to generate money is the actual use of royalty free images. I think a lot of people concentrate on the benefits of micro stock photography as they relate to photographers. Although that is one important aspect, MSP (micro stock photography, if i may) offers buyers great opportunities to cash in.

Web Page Pzazz
Need that perfect photo to add some pzazz to your blog post? The most common use of MSP is for online websites. Professional looking images can translate to very professional looking web pages. Believe me, readers will notice high quality images, especially images where staging appears to look very complex. Because the library of royalty-free images continues to grow, the chance of you not finding what you're looking for is very slim. With images going for just a few bucks, stock photography is a great investment for any website.

Creative Merchandise
Most sites offer an Extended Use License (EUL) or some equivalent. These licenses lets you use the image more than once, like printed on a product or in a book. Of course reselling the digital image itself would be a violation of the terms of the EUL. Greetings cards, mugs, t-shirts, stickers, these are just some of the things you can create using images. Spice up a good picture up with the right solgan and you've got a great product. Add some original poetry to a related picture and create your very own greeting cards. The possibilities are endless.

Have any idea of your own that I didn't share here? I'd love to add to this list. Use the comments sections or email me with your ideas please.

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