Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fotolia's Booming Business Generates More Benefits

Fotolia has recently released changes to it's exclusity program.  Along with this announcement came a new way for members to make money off of files that have not been sold.  Here are the detail:


Dear contributor,

As we announced a few days ago, Fotolia is changing the exclusivity definitions and adding a new level of exclusivity called “Total Exclusivity”.

This change will take place as early as March 1, 2009.

Total Exclusivity Status is defined as a contributor who only offers his royalty free files (images, vectors, videos) to Fotolia. It is strictly prohibitive for a Total Exclusive member to supply their creative works on other photo agencies or microstock websites.

As compensation, Total Exclusive contributors will receive many advantages like higher exclusive commissions and the ability to increase their sales prices (see charts below).

However, the Total Exclusive Contributor will retain the rights to:

- to sell their other creative works as Rights-managed files, on their own or through a company dedicated to this activity;

- to sell their works through their personal portfolio website. In such case, the website shall not offer works for free or sell other author’s works;

- to sell their works directly to an end user in accordance with an assignment or work for hire contract;

- to sell their works directly to the end user in accordance with an editorial contract;

- to sell prints of their works;

- to print and sell derivative products, including, without limitation, posters, t-shirts, clothing, decorations and the like, whether on their own or through a dedicated website. In such case, the website must not offer works for free or sell other royalty free creative works.


Starting today Fotolia will allow you to declare your status as a Total Exclusive contributor, and once the website has been updated you will be ready to receive the benefits as a Total Exclusive contributor.

However before updating your account we encourage you to verify that all of your royalty free files have been removed from other agencies and websites as described above to be eligible for Total Exclusivity status on Fotolia. Total exclusivity may be declared in the my profile section of your Fotolia account.

While you are free to choose we do hope you will consider becoming a Total Exclusive contributor to Fotolia and wish you much success.

For more information visit: Fotolia's Website

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